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SmartWomen Radio
SmartWomen Radio provides members and listeners alike with a quality venue by bringing positive, proactive content to the forefront.

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Your donations help SmartWomen promote the empowerment and education of women.

Intellectual hooliganism!
SmartWomen promotes the empowerment and education of women  through digital dialogue, socializing, networking and activism. Our goal is to provide women-focused dialogue, events, inspiration, information based and musical webcasts.

The mission of SmartWomen is to promote and facilitate the integration of women and our trans friends in solidarity with the women's community into all aspects of society, in order that society points to a better place. SmartWomen is women oriented, as such, our group is inclusive and open to all women and our friends in solidarity with the women's community to challenge racism, classism, ableism, sexism, ageism and sizism.  Did we miss any "isms"?
New Style and Focus
SmartWomen's aim is to harvest the positive power of women into a forum for ideas and talent. 

We choose to impact the community by focusing on inspiration, empowerment and achievement via various means of communication. Leadership in SmartWomen is earned by merit and participation; it is a place where leaders of dynamic vision can impact our organization. 

We welcome YOUR participation in our various projects and events. Join now to be part of an entertaining, thought provoking and productive group of women.


Membership Requirements
SmartWomen's primary focus is on intellectual conversation, inspiring women, uplifting and empowering women, please note that there are no academic requirements for membership; there is no entrance examination; there are no educational or professional requirements to join.  We attract women from many professions, such as the fields medicine, law, business and science, artists, performers, poets, authors, mothers, and politicians etc.