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April 19, 2004

Emiko Artist of the Month, May 2004

Emiko is our featured Artist for May 2004! Don't miss her live interview with host Tara Davis on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 at Noon EST.

Emiko: (according to CDbaby.com) "A wild, interactive, and honest experience. Hyper and in-your-face as much as she is understated and haunting, Emiko's sound is big enough to fill an arena even when she is just whispering in your ear."

Currently #1 on the Overplay UK Pop/rock Charts, voted best New York City Rock Band of 2002-2003 by RadioCrystalBlue and nominated for the New Century Music Award, Best Female Rock Performer of 2002, Emiko is a two time veteran performer in the Songwriters' Hall of Fame showcases was featured on their “Best of the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase” CD compilation (Volume 1)in April 2003. She appeared in Billboard Magazine, and was named New Century Productions # 7 artist of 2002 overall after reigning as the Number 1 artist of November 2002.

MTV has said that Emiko is" incredible live!!!! She totally sucks you in!" Her latest release, "Here Lies Tinkerbell" (OA Entertainment, 2001) features Emiko's most seductive and inviting songs. She tells listeners her feelings about love, heart
break, sex, and French history (buy the record to find out!) while playing the hell out of the piano, sometimes with her feet, and twisting her voice with daring sarcasm and cerebral, matter of fact, yet melancholy undertones. Her lyrics are laden with sharp insights and humor. Her music reflects this in the grooves, melodies, and bright harmonies that layer and decorate her songs.

Considered a child prodigy playing by 2 and 1/2, Emiko was performing classically in front of major audiences by age 6 and composing "mini-masterpieces" by age 7. After spending most of her childhood in conservatory in Washington, DC, Emiko discovered rock music and started conjuring up a secret operation to retire from the classical stage and pursue her dreams of rock n' roll and world domination.

Releasing her first record in 1997, then 16 year old Emiko took the Washington music scene (and soon the nation) by storm. The Washington Post gave her a rave review, calling her music, "cathartic and catchy...RAW ROCK!!!"
Currently in pre-production for her next release, Emiko makes her home in New York City with bandmates, Roman on bass, Topher Mohr on guitar, and Joe Goretti on drums. Emiko is expected to tour Europe in the Spring of 2004.

GoGirls Showcase info:
***Emiko is heading up the GoGirls Showcase Committee in NYC and will be hosting this event***
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Doors open at 6:30 music starts at 7:00pm
Arlene Grocery
95 Stanton Street, NYC
between Ludlow and Orchard Sts.

Artists Scheduled to Appear will be:
Jenn Eliott
Allison Cipris
Rachael Sage

****A Portion of the Proceeds will be donated to MusiCares****
WIN FREE STUFF from Barnes and Noble, Victoria's Secret, Godiva, a FREE day of Recording, a FREE membership to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, etc!!! Drawings and giveaways!!!

Emiko's CD, "Here Lies Tinkerbell" is available for purchase at the following fine online retailers:
(including but not limited to)

Emiko's Website: www.overplay.co.uk/emiko where you can find songs, news, photos, and post messages!!!

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April 17, 2004

Ellen Rosner

Our first featured artist to launch SmartWomen Internet Radio could be none other than Ellen Rosner, who has been an inspiration and a cherished long-time friend to the SmartWomen founder Patti Wolf. Ellen's path is paved with heart and soul.  Her voice is undeniable, her talent sublime, listen to her on SmartWomen Internet Radio and feel free to purchase her latest CD "Count" on Ellen's web page www.ellenrosner.com.

A native Chicagoan, singer/songwriter, Ellen Rosner is a popular and dynamic mainstay in the city's most prominent clubs. She captivates, inviting you to face your own demons, then makes you laugh, dance and sing, sometimes all at once! With a voice as strong as it is versatile, and finely honed guitar skills, the combination is absolutely irresistible. Put her band in the mix and you have a level of performance not often matched, live or otherwise. A first-rate professional, Ellen performs with authority. She has been the anchor of many projects that have nurtured and showcased the talents of other formidable performers.

Ellen Rosner's pervading sense of self awareness lets her stand outside herself long enough to see the humor. Then there's that voice, which can either grab you by the jugular or soothe you into submission, depending upon her intent. Finally, there's the music, which ranges from bombastic grooves, to soulful, punchy workouts, or sparse acoustic textures. Amid all of this, Rosner holds on to that Midwestern, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, disposition. She sees the value in her unique expression as well. As she puts it, "Nobody else is going to be Ellen Rosner."

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