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SmartWomen On The Air
"Talk with Tara"
email Tara Tara's blog
Show Time:  7 pm EST     Tune in:  Every Second Tuesday of the month
Talk with Tara is the froth in your latte.  Tune in to be a part of the scintillating effervescence that is Talk with Tara. Tara will amaze you with her witty pearls of wisdom and soothe you with her diva style. Native New Jerseyite Tara Davis will interview women working in a formerly all male scene.  Tara Davis has a classically trained voice, and studied at the Boston Conservancy of Music. Join Tara for an up-to-the-minute hour of news and interviews with an improvisational atmosphere of your favorite café on a sunny day.
"Aunt Flo's Goodtime Jamboree" with host Susan Strine
email Susan Aunt Flo's Blog
Show Time:  8 pm EST     Tune in:  Every Wednesday

Take a step back in time when music made you feel good thanks to the likes of Steve & Eydie, Sammy Davis, Jr. and the sultry Julie London.  Join the Jamboree every Wednesday from 8 to 10 p.m. to hear some of your favorite classic pop vocalists with an occasional visit from our country cousins ('cause, admit it, who doesn't love Dolly Parton) or perhaps discover some forgotten treasures.

Susan still believes that she was conceived on the dusty floor of a record pressing plant that was mass producing copies of "This is Steve & Eydie." 

From that first moment of fertilization on, Steve & Eydie have been Susan's musical, if not biological, parents. The authorities have reported Susan as spending a great deal of her free time and income amassing what she describes to be the perfect collection of classic pop vocalists, classic country and the just plain bizarre.  Susan prides herself on her ever growing knowledge of the music from the 40's thru the 70's.  Go on.  Tune in.  We know you want to.

"Out to Lunch" with host Patti Wolf
email Patti Patti's Blog
Show Time: 12 pm  to 2 pm EST  Tune in: Tuesday thru Thursday 

pattiwolf.jpgJoin SmartWomen founder and president Patti Wolf during her festival of lunchtime love!  Patti is prone to outbursts of common sense and likely to make you laugh with her colorful outlook on life.  Join our fearless leader in an exploration of musical delights set to strike your lunchtime culinary appetite aflame.  Many new and exciting artists will be "exposed" and some will perhaps stop by the studio.

Visit my Live Journal and my Photo Journal

"Timeless Womyn" with host Tracy Reynolds
email Tracy Tracy's Blog
Show Time: 3:30 -  6:00 pm EST       Tune in:  The First and Third Sunday of the month.

"Timeless Womyn" is dedicated to all hardworking female artists and performers, showcasing all of your favorite genres.  Tracy has a special knack for focused programs which feature International Women in Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Soul.

Join Tracy as she reaches back into history to the songs that women sang in the fields and in the churches chanting their Gospel.  Then further voyage to the greatest female vocalists in history who paved the way and pushed the envelope so they too could be heard.  Finally, explore the wave of female artists that represent what the present is and the future of music will be.

Visit Tracy's website: http://www.jazzerswings.com

"Your Financial Future" with hosts Debra Silver & Bud Loos
email Debra Debra and Bud's Blog
email Bud
Show Time:  7pm - 8 pm EST     Tune in:  Every Second Monday of the Month

Debra Silver, JD, LLM, is a practicing attorney with over 15 years of experience in the employee benefits/retirement security area.  Her extensive knowledge of the financial service industry, government  regulations, investment tools, retirement and security issues, along with her many contacts in these areas, will all be brought to bear in helping her listeners face the often confusing and intimidating task of planning for Your Financial Future.  

Issues such as how to save, when to save, how to make a realistic budget, what to do with a given amount of savings, how to evaluate risk, finding out about savings options at your job, will all be explored in an informal, lively, chat format with guests.  This show will be of interest whether you are on a hard-driving career path, or an artistic entrepreneur in the East Village.  Have fun and learn how to plan for Your Financial Future with Debra Silver on the second Monday of every Month.

Debra will educate listeners about the importance of saving and planning, with an eye toward retirement planning issues.  The shows will focus on a planning and savings basics (such as how mutual funds work) and include “behind the scenes” views of topical financial issues (such as Enron, tax changes).  Additionally, the show will stress that these issues, and savings, are important to creative types (actors/artists/web designers)—not just corporate employees/small business owners!

Life-long bachelor Bud Loos was born in Iowa Falls when he was six years old. His unsubstantiated claim that he is Anita Loos's grand nephew remains unverified, as do rumors that he is gay. He is the Co-founder of the now defunct House of Candles Theater on Stanton Street, Loisida. Known mainly for his "The Early Barroom Poems of Bud Loos," he is currently working on several screen plays as well as learning  how to knit in Spanish. He is the finest Country Western vocalist currently living on East Third Street. When asked about some of his other activities he replied, "maybe, but you'll never prove it in court." He is the proud uncle of Erik Cedar.